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Our Story:

In the spring of 2006 Tera Smith shared a story with a group of moms on an online Attachment Parenting website. She had been removed from the premises of a festival for putting up an ‘unauthorized booth’ in order to have some shade in which to sit and nurse her young daughter. The ‘booth’ she was accused of putting up was far across the parking lot from the event, and only shaded her car and a camp chair next to it, in which she sat breastfeeding her baby.

Nonie Veccia, the owner of the website where Smith shared her story, got in touch with Tera to discuss the idea of an ‘authorized’ booth at the next event. The idea was to create a space where moms would have shade and comfortable seats and freedom from distraction in which they could feed their babies. And from there it grew to also providing an area for diaper changes, and a place where older siblings might be kept happily occupied while mom cared for her baby.

The ideas grew into a plan. And then Nonie found the perfect name for the endeavor: Mom’s Breastaurant.

Bankrolling the organization’s start-up costs from her own pocket, Nonie secured space and a rented booth at a street fair in Tucson, Arizona, in December 2006. She furnished the interior of the booth with comfortable chairs, a changing table, and a toddler-sized table and chairs. And she stood outside the booth all day each day of the event inviting parents to come in to use the changing area and mothers to come into the temperature-moderated tent to sit in comfort and feed their babies. After receiving great feedback from moms (not to mention happy babies too!), Nonie has continued to bring Mom’s Breastaurant to other festivals, street fairs and outdoor events – and has gained rapid steam too.

In March of 2008 the IRS approved 501(c)3 non-profit status for Mom’s Breastaurant. In 2009, Mom’s Breastaurant opened a second chapter in Northern California. In 2011 another five new chapters were added to the organization, in northern Washington, northern Colorado, South Dakota, South Carolina, and upstate New York.

To date, Mom's Breastaurant has provided infant care stations at more than 60 events in 8 states. With the addition of the latest chapters, those numbers are anticipated to climb rapidly.