Safety is an area no one wants to compromise. But, if you don’t practice utmost caution when buying an alarm system, you are going to suffer greatly. Door-to-door marketers use scary sales tricks and even decide to stay in your home until you sign up for the contract. Whatever is the scenario, make sure that you are taking a final decision only after an in-depth research.

home security system 2017Home accidents like fire, theft or burglary among other incidences can take place anytime and without warning. The best way to prevent them is by being well-prepared and protected against them and this can be done by installing home security systems. While buying security systems for home, homemakers take their decision depending on the factors like: the atmosphere of the neighborhood, their budget and the level of security that they want.

Why front door lock is so important

A good door lock is very important for the safety of your home from burglars and other anti social elements. If you are using an ordinary latch locks, it is too easy for any professional burglars to break-in in less than a minute. What you need is an ANSI grade 1 deadbolt, which is the most difficult locks to be picked. Experts always recommends deadbolt over any latch or padlock.

best deadbolts of 2017A deadbolt lock have a lock bolt that is moved by turning the key from outside or a knob from inside without the action of a spring. Deadbolt locks are different from spring or latch lock, because a deadbolt lock cannot be moved to an open position except by turning the cylinder with a key. So if you are buying a door lock for your front door, make sure that you buy the top keyless deadbolt locks for your home. We will be discussing more in details about the door locks later in this article.

Types of home security systems

Two types of security systems can be installed in the homes. They are:

  • Monitored security systems: in this system the central call center is alerted when it gets tripped by intruders or thieves. After the tripping of the alarm, the call center waits for house owner’s confirmation of accidental tripping for about 40 seconds, if there is no confirmation, then the system contacts the owner for the house password, if that too fails, then the call center alerts the authorities. Other than burglary, these systems are also helpful in informing the authorities in cases of house fires, gas or water leakage.
  • Unmonitored security systems: these security systems are popular among the homeowners because they are cost effective systems. In this system, when the alarm gets triggered in case of any kind of intrusion, a loud siren noise is produced in and out of the house. The triggering of the alarm scares the intruder and prevents the house from burglary. In this system, the owner of the house or the neighbors has to inform the authorities as the system, unlike the monitored security systems, does not contact anyone.

Security systems set up

Both the types of security systems can be either wired or wireless set ups. The systems can be installed with the help of cameras, sensors, motion, smoke or fire detectors, video displays and keypads.

Wireless installation

Wireless security systems are connected with radio transmitters and receivers which are battery operated devices. The advantages of wireless security system installation are:

  • Easy security set ups.
  • No new wires need to be installed in the walls of the homes.
  • The homeowners themselves can install this system

The only disadvantage of this installation is the limitation of distance covered between the control panel and the different surveillance gadgets like sensors and camera because of the radio transmitters.

Home security companies, Business alarm systems

The market is full of companies that provide integrated home security system solutions in a single package. The customers get a wide range of options right from intelligent door-locks that can be controlled from smartphones to lighting systems that can be adjusted and controlled on the go from the press of a button. There are innovative products like pet protection systems that can be trusted to take care if the pet is alone at home and the owner is out of station. Most of such companies also provide business alarm systems for commercial applications like security systems and alarm systems for office buildings and factories etc.

Deadbolts – What to consider when purchasing

When looking at purchasing locks for your home or business, the amount of options can certainly be overwhelming. Today the broad spectrum of different locks is innumerable, and each design has its pros and cons depending on the desired function and setting in which the lock will be utilized. This is most likely the style of deadbolt you and everyone else you know has on their door. The double cylinder is also mounted internally. There are many different types of locks and several different security factors to consider before purchasing.

  • You use locks every day, so it is important to understand the different options available to you when considering both functionality and security.
  • It has a twist knob on the inside allowing you to unlock it with ease and a key cylinder on the outside.
  • The difference between the single cylinder and the double is that there is no twist knob, instead, both sides have a key cylinder.
  • This page will explain the different types of locks and the security features that should be considered.
  • The keyless deadbolt lock is also mounted on the inside of the door, but has a keypad instead of a key hole where one can type in a secret pin code to unlock the door.
  • The great thing about these locks is how easily they’re installed and their price point.

A key is always needed to open the door whether you’re inside or outside the residence. Although there are many types of locks, the four most common are padlocks, deadbolts, knob locks, and levers. The advantage of using this lock is that you completely do away with the need of a key, and there is therefore no chance of losing or misplacing the key. The not so great part? The advantage to this is that if there is glass in or near your door frame it cannot be broken and the intruder then able to simply reach in and use the twist knob to unlock the door.

When replacing a knob lock, be sure to determine which side of the door the lock is on — you’ll need a right-hand knob lock for a doorknob on the right side of the door, a left-hand knob lock for a doorknob on the left side of the door. Another positive feature of this lock is that it is easier to change the pin code in case you feel someone has learnt of it, as opposed to the key system where you would have to go through the rigor of finding a locksmith to do the same. While deadbolts are some of the most secure locks, they can easily be penetrated by lock picking or bumped, making your home less secure. Combination padlocks utilize a series of numbers that opens the lock when they are entered in the correct sequence.

Because the locking mechanism is inside the knob (instead of the door) it can be easily broken with a hammer, wrench or rock and shouldn’t be the main security lock on a front door. Surface mount locks are very easy to install and are best used for privacy or to keep someone (i.e. children) venturing where they shouldn’t. When it comes to padlocks, there are two main subtypes. These types of locks suffer the same weaknesses as keyed padlocks but additionally can be decoded through means of combination cracking, such as cracking a Master Lock. The difference between this type of lock and the first one is the key cylinder.

A surface mount lock attaches the door to the door frame (door jamb) with a sliding bolt. These are combination padlocks and keyed padlocks. No matter on what side of the door you are, you will always need a key to open the door. The outside of the door has a key entry lock and the deadbolt lock on the inside. The names say it all: combination padlocks require a numerical combination (entered on a row of numerical dials) to open while keyed padlocks require a key to open.

This deadbolt lock has a huge advantage because the glass on the door frame cannot be broken in any circumstances and after that to simply open the twist knob. When using the key entry lock, the key would pull or lift the bolt from the bolt case to open the door. Among combination and keyed padlocks, there are a number of other sub types. The downside to this system is that in case of an emergency you will need too much time to find the right key and use it to open or close the door. The inside deadbolt is operated with a latch. This is especially true of keyed padlocks. There are two models available: two cylinders and rim or jamb models. For starters, there are rekeyable and non-rekeyable options available. Surface mount deadbolt locks are also referred to a night latches.