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Elderly Care Products – Shower Chairs Buying Guide

Are you taking care of a health conscious elderly patient? Are you conscious of your own health concerns? Simply getting older does not have to mean that staying as healthy as possible should not be addressed. By all means you should should learn what you can do to help your patients maintain an “active lifestyle”. People tend to take their own health for granted. Unfortunately this means that it may also not be foremost a thought for our patients. As caregivers we often are there to “take care of the needs of others”. This means we spend our days doing stuff for our patients that they themselves could not otherwise do. So how does exercising fit in?

When a person is being taken care of, they tend to feel left out, left behind, or otherwise useless. This can often lead to issues of laziness, self-loathing and a myriad of other concerns. They may start to gain weight, eat more and actually decline in health because of their lack of activities. Well if this is the case, then they are going to need to get up off the couch and start doing some form of movement, hence exercising. Yes I know, not all elderly patients will being dancing a jig or running a marathon, but hey can you do either of these? I can’t. So why does it have to be that strenuous anyways. It doesn’t.

Exercising for the elderly should mean a combination of exercising the mind and body. To do this, all you need to do is have fun activities that both you and they can participate in. Exercising the mind could be anything from a simple game of cards, chess, or checkers to more advanced brain games like mahjong, puzzles, or trivial pursuit. Exercising the body can be simple or complex as well. Take a walk around the yard. Go out to a park, do some bird watching. Anything to become more active as the years increase. You also need to buy the necessary equipment for elderly people to make their life easy. One of the important thing is a shower chair that can help senior people to take bath with anyone’s help. If you are looking to buy the best shower chairs in UK, then go for a lightweight that is also comfortable.

Elderly CareResearch has shown that as we become more active and exercise, the more blood flows through our brains and bodies. The more blood flows the more oxygen our body gets, and the better we feel and think. By doing things to keep active, especially with older patients, it can work wonders on their moods, their ability to sleep through the night, and even increase their memory. All of these factors will help both you and your patient to have a much easier time together.

Transportation for Elderly

Senior transportation services are providers who offer transportation service for senior citizens. These services often provide mobility for seniors to and from such things as doctors appointments, daily delivery of medicines, and shopping for groceries. These services might be sponsored by taxi companies, bus companies, or other private companies in order to help alleviate the need for seniors having access to automobiles in later years.

Many people have looked into hiring senior transportation services in the past but were not entire sure if they were cost effective, or if they were even available in their area. There are plenty of these type of senior transportation service providers in larger cities, but rural areas might not fare so well. To the rescue comes a person caregiver. If you have or are considering a personal caregiver for your elderly patient, consider asking them if they would be willing, or able to do some of these additional tasks.

In many cases, a personal caregiver might be more then happy to bring an elderly patient who is mobile to a doctors appointment or to the grocer store. These actually helps the elderly patient get up and move around more and become more active. Simply ask for senior transportation services. Wheelchairs are also a good for elderly people for moving one place to another. Nowadays there are many great wheelchairs for elderly that are lightweight and does not require attendant.

Wheelchair for seniorsDo the polite thing and ask first. Do not assume your caregiver is willing to do these tasks. They have busy lives too, and may not have the best transportation either. Make sure that they are willing to offer these services, since you are paying them already, this could save you some cost compared to hiring both a caregiver and a separate elderly transportation provider.

Also, make sure your caregiver is not breaking any “livery” laws in your area. (those laws governing buses, taxis and limousines). Since they are being paid to care for the elderly patient, and getting out could be considered therapeutic, you should have little problems. But you should still check if you are concerned about it. Remember then if you are considering hiring senior transportation services, check with your caregiver to see if they are willing to offer those same services to your elderly patient.

Shower Chairs Buying Guide

shower chairs UK 2018Armed with your specific requirements, consider the options described below. To get a general idea of how the user will be situated and interact with the shower and its controls, try a “dry-run” using a chair of similar dimensions (specifically height) if possible – this can help you decide if something taller or shorter is needed, and figure out where the seat would be best placed. A shower chair with a full back is great for people who do not have a lot of back strength and need to lean against the back of the chair. It’s important to measure your shower recess or bath before purchasing a shower chair as you may have problems if a shower seat is too wide. All offer sturdy, safe solutions for extra support while bathing.

  • When considering a wall-mounted seat, know your walls and what’s inside – it’s possible that the only suitable location for a wall-mounted seat will be too far away from the shower’s controls to allow the user to shower independently.
  • It can be easier to balance when you have the support of a chair back.
  • A shower chair’s legs should fit on the flat base of the bath without wobbling.
  • The highlighted products ranked as the top five shower chairs based on customer feedback.
  • In some cases, you may be better off with a freestanding seat.

A padded chair can be more comfortable than a hard plastic seat. Some shower chairs also function as wheelchairs and commodes, such as this MedMobile 2-in-1 Shower Wheelchair Commode. We emphasize that each makes an excellent choice for a safe and sturdy shower chair. For smaller bathing quarters, a compact shower chair would be an ideal fit. This is especially important for people who are dealing with skin breakdown.

This chair has drop-down armrests, detachable footrests, locking 5″ castors and a commode seat. What’s most important are your specific needs as the buyer. For standard size bathrooms/bathtubs, basic or bariatric size shower chairs are likely to be compatible. If skin breakdown is a huge concern, I would recommend an additional cushion for bath time. The Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair is another fantastic option with Back support and Arm.

Adjustable height legs are very convenient for many reasons, and is worth paying a few extra dollars. It is highly recommended that customers know the measurements of the shower in which they will use the shower chair, as this will allow them to be certain that they are purchasing a chair that will fit within the shower’s dimensions. ROHO Air Cushions can be used in the shower and are a great solution for pressure sores. The construction quality of this shower chair is also excellent. People come in all heights, as do the surfaces they are trying to climb into.

For many people a shower seat makes it possible to bathe independently, while for others it’s an assistive device that enables a caregiver to help them bathe. It features height adjustment facility without any tools. First, there is a big difference between a 5 foot 2 inch person and a 6 foot 2 inch person. There are styles and models specifically designed for both types of user and they’re not necessarily interchangeable, so knowing whether the user will be using the stool alone or with caregiver help is important. Therefore, it also has the indicator for height adjustment.

However, they may purchase the same product. The seat is also pretty comfortable. All the home health care equipment you buy should actually offer you help. Overall, it is one of the best shower chairs at this price range. For example, if you are using a toilet chair it should provide the help you need. The chair also requires being comfortable while you are on it. If it has wheels as in the Glide about Commode chair, you will be able to easily transfer it to the toilet. Likewise, every piece of equipment you buy should offer you genuine help.

Wheelchairs for senior citizen

A light weight wheelchair is designed for elderly who are able to propel it themselves but also want the option of being able to have someone push them at times. That is why the wheelchairs made for them must be extra comfortable. These manual wheelchairs are extremely lightweight. If users intend to take their wheelchair outdoors, they will need to invest in a few extra features. They have two large wheels in the rear and two small wheels up front.

Also, they should have good wheels quality so that they can be easily moved smoothly and comfortably. These chairs weigh less than 30 lbs with many of them weighing less than 20. Electric wheelchairs or power chairs make good outdoor wheelchairs since they do not require users to manually move them along sidewalks and up hills. A transport wheelchair on the other hand has four small wheels. Now most of the wheelchairs do have comfortable seats which are designed in a way that patients of all ages can be benefitted.

Made of special aluminum alloys or titanium, they are also very strong. Since these wheelchairs will spend a lot of time moving across rough surfaces like sidewalks and parking lots, their tires will need to be extra durable. This makes it difficult to self propel but more portable and perfect for elderly who want a wheelchair that a friend/family can push them in. This wheelchair product is also made of aluminum body to provide strength to carry kids and elders. Usually, these chairs are custom built to the size of the user and used with patients with permanent paralysis of the legs. Seat height is a little bit extra so that complete back support can be provided. Lightweight wheelchairs weigh between 35 and 40 lbs. Be careful when comparing wheelchair weights. Some companies do not include footrests or arms in the weight.

Benefits of wheelchairs
Lightweight wheelchairs are very easily transported down and up stairways due to their super light makeup and portability, which make them the ideal choice for individuals who do not need a wheelchair all the time. Manual wheelchairs come in a variety of weights and configurations, from standard to ultralightweight, and even sport recreation wheelchairs. It is very easy for vendors to pull wheelchairs out of boxes and deliver them. Wheelchairs are among the most commonly-known and commonly-used mobility devices in the world. The chair can be collapsed and put up until needed.

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in your wheelchair, opt for a lighter weight chair as you will use less energy throughout the day to operate it. They make a lot more money because they don’t have to train or pay their techs to set them up properly. They are staples within hospitals for helping patients to get around. Additionally, the real performance and movability of the wheelchair itself is significantly increased by the product style and design quality. Manual wheelchairs are easily transportable and there are many foldable options that are great for travel and easy storage.

Those wheelchairs are like you or me trying to drive a car without an adjustable seat. No matter the age of the patient or his/her medical concern, a wheelchair is generally readily available to make traversing around the hospital very easy. The lightweight wheelchair includes specialized bigger wheels that are simpler to turn, demanding less energy or effort to maneuver. It may fit you, it may not. If you couldn’t change it, in most cases you would not be happy or comfortable, especially if you had to sit in that seat and try to drive for up to 8 hours per day.

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