The concept of Mom’s Breastaurant is simple – we believe that every mother deserves a quiet, safe and comfortable place to feed and snuggle her baby.

We know that feeding your baby is an intimate experience – and while you can feed your baby in public – we hope to make doing so a bit easier for you. Worry no more about where you’re going to feed your baby when attending crowded, noisy festivals, street fairs, concerts and other outdoor events! Just look for the Mom’s Breastaurant tent and know that you’ll be provided with a quiet, safe and comfortable place to care for your baby.

At Mom’s Breastauarant, moms enjoy:
  • Comfortable arm chairs for feeding and snuggling their babies
  • Fully stocked and clean diaper changing stations
  • Kids activity area to entertain big brother or sister while mom is feeding her baby
  • Shaded and temperature-moderated facilities

Stop by our booth and see how Mom's Breastaurant is making outdoor events more baby-friendly and family-friendly!

Mom's Breastaurant

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