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Pregnancy Back Pain – Treatment and Advices

Mums-to-be and new mums have quite enough to take care of without the misery of back pain in pregnancy. But … but it’s an unfortunate fact of life, during pregnancy, back pain is very common. Fortunately the condition is well understood. MedicalĀ  research has shown that the use of a sacroiliac belt can greatly reduce the incidence of pregnancy back ache.

Many women may suffer from some form of back injury during pregnancy, so finding something that offers reliable back pain relief in pregnancy is something many women will endeavour to seek out. Indeed just the thought of acquiring a back injury during pregnancy is something most of us just don’t wan’t to even think about due to the back pains we already suffer.

The belt we offer is designed to relieve some of the pain that can be felt from a bak injury during pregnancy by stabilising the pelvis in 3 specific ways.

The main part of the belt so that is is made from a lightweight inelastic material that provides a welcome support to the pelvic joints.

Secondly we have the elastic wings which are designed to enhance the support of the main part of the belt but allow your joints to move. This is a vital part in aiding recovery from back pain.Finally we have the front of the belt which is designed to sit just below the bump of the stomach to provide a comforting support.

The belts we designed have become extremely popular and are now widely used in both NHS and private clinics. They have been through medical studies to ensure they are safe for your unborn child. You can wear the belts for as long or as little as you need.

Feel free to use our links page to find out more information on how our belts can be used to help relieve some of the pain you receive when having a back injury during pregnancy.

The pregnancy belt : designed to give gentle but firm support to the Sacroiliac Joints. Serola belts are super light, easy to wear and even look good too. These belts are widely used in NHS maternity & physiotherapy departments throughout the UK

  • Instant support & welcome relief for pregnancy back pain
  • Lightweight, cool and breathable for day long comfort

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